2020 Update: Sold Out

After 130 years of making shamisen, the workshop 'Tokyo Wagakki' was critically close to ending business due to the Coronavirus. Fortunately, thanks to the support of the entire shamisen community inside and outside of Japan, Tokyo Wagakki received enough donations to stay open! Our deep gratitude to everyone who supported Tokyo Wagakki in their time of need.

At this point, Tokyo Wagakki has consolidated their business and can only make the Raven and Akatsuki for us. Thank you for understanding. - Kyle


If you're like me, you feel the shamisen is unquestionably an amazing work of art. The many curves catch the light in perfect ways. I love the stunning image of the shamisen and am always left with a smile while admiring the sheer beauty.

This being said, a close colleague informed me of a rare masterpiece-level shamisen being masterfully crafted with only a limited number in existence. As one who is so focused on accessibility, the idea of a limited-edition shamisen made me think, "What's the point?".

(Update: Due to a discovery of more materials, this instrument is no longer extremely-limited!)

Well, that thought immediately vanished when I laid my eyes on Eclipse! Without further rambling, please enjoy the gallery and let the pictures explain why this instrument is such a masterpiece.
フルサイズ (19 pics)


Eclipse: A Master’s Dedication

Eclipse is a incredibly unique shamisen for many reasons. After viewing the gallery, you might wonder why so much masterful detail was used for a karin-based shamisen (in a time when kouki is, in my opinion, mistakenly regarded as a superior wood). The inspiration all starts with the karin wood.

Toguchi: Tiger Stripe

When the highest-level master shamisen craftsman were inspired to make Eclipse, they weren’t looking at ordinary Karin wood. They had the highest grade and rarest variety of Karin. This Karin wood features a very intricate tiger stripe grain called Toguchi.

Karin featuring tiger stripe grain is so difficult to find, and the master craftsman thought there was only enough for ten shamisen. They decided to dedicate their immense skill to make these shamisen the most incredible masterpieces never seen before in Japan.

Update Almost a year after the release of the Eclipse, the craftsman discovered a large supply of this wood in their vast storerooms (where premium high-grade wood has been stored for several decades) and decided to continue making these masterpieces!

The Mark of a Master

To enjoy the beauty of Toguchi Karin and still achieve the clean tone of a hard surface, the craftsmen topped the sao with solid rosewood!

But that isn’t all! The craftsmen wanted to deeply express how unique these shamisen are. Together, they pushed the limits of their mastery by perfectly extending the rosewood past the sao, connecting it with the tenjin and flowing it back into the Karin wood!

Because kouki is still viewed as the number one wood in Japan, it’s unfortunate that this beautiful work from master Japanese craftsman will most likely be overlooked in Japan. However, they wanted to honor this wood and are very proud of their work. This is the result of decades of experience from a workshop with history over 120 years! Bachido recognizes their dedication and passion, and is honored to be the first to reveal this masterpiece to the world!

Kyle’s Experience

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when picking up Eclipse. But after playing a few notes, my jaw dropped. This is the best shamisen I have ever played!

Everything about Eclipse felt right. My hands enjoyed the lighter weight combined with the hard topside for clear intonation. My eyes were feasting on the beautiful tiger stripe grain while my ears peaked at the clarity from every note! The sawari (buzzing) effect was alive and energetic, and the tone was incredibly resonant and booming. I could fully express a whole range of emotions through the instrument.

The master craftsman committed themselves to create a masterpiece, and I believe they’ve succeeded.

Special Bonus!

To help you get started with your brand-new Eclipse, I am including several learning materials for free!

Purchase your Eclipse

(Note: Each shamisen is built per order. Please allow six to eight weeks for construction)

Important: Please read before purchase.

Get your Accessories!

To bring the price as low as possible, all recommended accessories are sold separately. Find them below, and get cases or other accessories in the Bachido Store!. (The Eclipse Shamisen is shipped from a separate dealer, and can't be combined with other items from the Bachido Store. Sorry!)

Bachido Doukake- by Kyle Abbott

The Bachido Doukake is hand-lacquered with a super hard resin and glistens with a "dipped in glass"-like appearance. It is very durable and will keep your shamisen protected while looking simply stunning! Prepare yourself for the oncoming compliments! Handmade in California by Kyle Abbott. Check it out!

ふじ糸津軽糸セットパック (IT-TS) Tsugaru Ito Set Pack (Fujiito)


$46 USD

音緒 (NE-T) Neo


$65 USD

レザー胴掛け (紐付) (DO-R) Leather Doukake


$78 USD

胴ゴムシール (DO-GM) Dou Gomu Shi-ru


$10 USD

譜尺 (SF-1) Fujaku


$10 USD

指掛け (YB-M) Yubikake (Machine Knit)


$15 USD


べっ甲調撥 (BA-BC) Faux-Bekko Bachi

超オススメ品! 初心者にも上級者にもバッチリ。本物のべっ甲とかわらない使い心地と柔軟性、長時間のハードな津軽弾きにも十分耐えるので安心してご使用いただけます。亀にもうれしいニュースですよね!

$269 USD

木撥 (BA-K) Wooden Bachi


$45 USD

プラスチック撥 (BA-P) Plastic Bachi


$35 USD


竹駒 (KM-T) Bamboo Koma

音の質: 比較的ソフトでやさしい
材質: 雌竹
高さ: 8mm

$50 USD

先骨竹駒 (KM-TB) Bamboo Koma #1 (Bone Tip)

音の質: 澄んだ歯切れのよい音がします。竹駒にくらべて、先端の骨部分がシャープなサウンドを生み出します。
材質: 台部分 – 竹 / 糸道部分– 骨
高さ: 8mm

$50 USD

忍び駒 (KM-SNOBI) Shinobi Koma

音の質: 消音(意図的に)
材質: プラスチック
高さ: 7mm

$14 USD

「静」忍び駒 (KM-SNOBI2) Shinobi Koma - Deluxe

1) 津軽奏法独特の前撥うしろ撥ができます
2) 叩き奏法での撥音が軽減できます
3) 消音時の音量も調節できます

音の質: 消音(意図的に)
材質: プラスチックとアルミ材
高さ: 調節可能

$65 USD

Eclipse Shamisen are built per order. Please allow three weeks for construction)

Return Policy

There is a 90 day return policy (which starts on the first day of shipment) for the Eclipse Shamisen. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, and shipping costs must be covered by the customer.

We stand behind the quality of our shamisen with the highest standards. The Eclipse Shamisen is made by the best maker in Japan and skinned with the highest quality skin in Japan. Thus, we will not accept "lack of quality" as a reason for return. Please be certain that you are ready to invest in the Eclipse Shamisen before purchasing.

The Eclipse Shamisen must be returned in new condition. Any signs of wear or damage to the instrument, whether from use or during shipping, will void the warranty. If this is the case, we will provide evidence of the fault, and the refund will not be given. If this is the case, the customer must cover shipping costs to have it sent back to his/her address.

We apologize for the strictness of the policy. The shamisen is a fragile instrument, and there's always risk of damage during shipping, which is why we wish to keep returns to a minimum.


The Eclipse Shamisen is fully insured from initial shipment to until final delivery. If the Eclipse Shamisen is damaged upon arrival, please proceed with the following instructions to receive compensation/replacement.

1. Contact us within 48 hours of receipt notifying us of the damage.
2. Send us at least three photos: one photo of the full product, a close-up (or several) of the damage, and a photo of the package.
3. We may ask you to fill a “damage claims form” at your local post office for reimbursement purposes.
4. In most circumstances, we will pay shipping costs for your replacement. In special cases, we may ask that you pay shipping costs.

Skin Replacement

The skin of the Eclipse Shamisen is guaranteed up to 6 months (starting from initial shipment). We will only request shipping costs to be covered by the customer. If the skin ruptures before then, please proceed with the following instructions to receive skin replacement.

1. Contact us within 48 hours of receipt notifying us of the ruptured skin.
2. Send us at least two photos: one photo of the full dou (body), and a close-up (or several) of the tear in the skin.
3. When we confirm the your Eclipse Shamisen is covered for skin replacement, we will tell you the address of where to send the Eclipse Shamisen dou (body) for skin replacement, and will request a specified payment to cover costs of return shipping.
4. Please watch this video to learn how to remove the dou (body) from the Eclipse Shamisen Watch how to remove the dou.
5. When the dou is separated from the shamisen, please pack it tightly in a box, filled with lots of protective packaging to prevent potential damage to the dou during shipping.
6. Send it to the address we provide. Once it arrives, it will be reskinned as soon as possible, and then sent back to your address.

To ensure longevity of the skin:

Keep your shamisen inside, in a cool, dry environment. Extreme heat (inside a hot car, for example) or cold stresses the skin.

Remove the koma from the shamisen after every practice session. The koma puts pressure on the skin. When the shamisen is not in use, removing the koma will increase the lifespan of the skin.

Play your shamisen often! The more you play, the better your shamisen will sound! Just like how doing yoga keeps your body flexible and limber, playing the shamisen often will keep the skin vibrating. Vibrating the skin keeps it supple and responsive. On the other hand, when the shamisen isn't played often, the skin will get brittle, and thus prone to breaking sooner.

Read more about Care and Handling here!