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Bachidoストア では、品質確かな選び抜かれた三味線や小物類を日本から、そしておしゃれなBachidoグッズやオリジナルアイテムをカリフォルニア本部からお届けいたします。みなさまのお役に立つためBachidoは今日もがんばります!

〜カイルアボット & 新田昌弘

Bachidoストア では、品質確かな選び抜かれた三味線や小物類を日本から、そしておしゃれなBachidoグッズやオリジナルアイテムをカリフォルニア本部からお届けいたします。みなさまのお役に立つためBachidoは今日もがんばります!

〜カイルアボット & 新田昌弘

Wanted to let you know that I got my bachi in the mail today! It's absolutely amazing, just what I wanted! Masahiro did an excellent job picking it out. :) Thank you very much for doing all this for me, I really appreciate it!

Denver, Sugarland, TX

I just wanted to report in with my latest order. The yubikake is amazing! It really is making playing so much easier! I'm thrilled with it! The bachigomu are amazing too. And I'm beginning to think that san no ito I keep finding in my orders is put there on purpose... At any rate, I'm very pleased with the yubikake and bachihgomu, keep up the good work!!

Nick, Memphis, TN

Just a quick note to say product was received in good order a few days ago, and you have one very happy shamisen customer over here on the far side of the big blue ball. Thanks for all your help,

Chris, Brookfield, NY

I got the Bachi this morning. It is a wonderful Bachi and much more than I expected. The playing is so sharp and comfortable I have ever had. Thank you so much for your recommendation and I am so satisfied with the Bachi you offered. I think I am going to use this Bachi when I play together with you in the Taikai.

Kyoko, Chiba, Japan

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear i received a surprising yet extremely exciting parcel in the post this morning, and if that doesn't tell you what it is , it comes from japan and contains pure awesomeness! Thank you and Nitta san very much! I shall be playing all day long today! (I CAN'T WAIT EEEEEE)

Harrison, Worcester, England

I sent Masahiro his payment and am eagerly awaiting my new shamisen! Thank you again for all of your help to not only myself, but the thousands of others who are interested in shamisen. You are doing a great service to us all.

Johnny, Cleveland, OH