The Nitta Phrasebook

Are you in awe of tsugaru shamisen players who perform those flashy and face-melting renditions of Jonkara Bushi? Wish you could turn your own Jonkara Bushi arrangement into a wild and virtuosic masterpiece?

Well, you’re in luck! Masahiro Nitta has created the Nitta Phrasebook, a collection of fifty-four professional-grade original phrases. Incorporating just a few of these phrases will add an epic level of sensation to your piece!

In this course, Nitta Masahiro teaches five varieties of phrases. Demonstrated at slow and fast speeds and included with PDFs to help you learn every note.

  • Connecting Phrases
  • “Up the Neck” Phrases
  • String Alternation Phrases
  • Opening Phrases
  • Ending Phrases

Advice Before You Buy

In this intermediate-to-advanced level course, being very comfortable with shamisen and able to execute hajiki, sukui and suri techniques is advised to benefit the most from this course.

These phrases are equivalent to guitar “riffs”. They are short bursts of excitement to be arranged into a normal melodic section of Jonkara Bushi (though they can be added to other songs as well). In other words, a song isn’t built on only riffs. A song has a melodic structure and riffs are added to it like spice on food. With that in mind, you’ll find these phrases are awesome for connecting the sections of your song together while adding attention-capturing flurry of notes to keep your audience in awe!




I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this Bachido video lesson! So I'm giving you a full year to put it to use. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, simply let me know and I will give you a no-questions-asked refund.