The Nitta Ryu Intensive Technique Pack

Today, Nitta san will be teaching you all the fundamental techniques of the Nitta style.


Setting up the Shamisen
Holding your Shamisen
Koma Placement
Method of Gripping Itomaki
Adjustment of the Azuma Sawari
Fundemental Bachi Technique
Properly Gripping Bachi
Solid Tataki (Striking)
Tataki Drill (Nimai Bachi)
Tataki Drill (Sanmai Bachi)
Striking Positions
Technique Refinement (Precise Striking)
Left Hand Technique
The Fingernail Notch
Suri - Large (Slide)
Suri - Small (Slide)
Hajiki (Pull-Off)
Uchi (Hammer On)
Suberi (Striking Two Strings)
Advanced Technique
Keshibachi (Damping the String)
Komatsuke (Muting the Bridge)

Though some of these techniques would be considered ‘basic’, Nitta san is teaching you how to execute them at an advanced level. In this course, even the basic techniques will require some familiarity and comfort with shamisen. If you can play a few songs and are rather comfortable with hajiki, sukui and suri techniques, you are ready for this course.

As always, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! Achieving the same ability will take time, so relax, practice slowly and have fun!


I would recommend this to everyone. It will set you on the right track from the start and people who have played a while can see how it all should be done. I really like how Masahiro show what most people do and how they should really be doing their techniques. —Karl



I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this Bachido video lesson! So I'm giving you a full year to put it to use. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, simply let me know and I will give you a no-questions-asked refund.