Musescore Shamisen Font

Since some months, I'm working on Musescore code to make it support Shamisen notation;
At first it was very inefficient because there was many glyphs problems (layout mostly)
It's still in development and I'll submit it to the developers to let them see it it can be implemented or not but for the test version that I currently have, it's very near the goal and it already can produce scores

It allow to have the Bunka-fu 文化譜 notation with it's different tunings
And also the Nagauta notations: 小十郎譜; 弥之介譜

I'll post again here if there is progression.

Here is the result of my actual version:
Musescore 3.0

PDF render

You can hear a sample of the song here
(Modified for test purpose)

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Here is an inside preview of the test version
(here it's a duo shamisen/piano)


That's incredible, sounds amazing too! This might change the way people here get scores, it'll be so much easier with a program like this.


New preview:

By the way, due to the fact that I'm not programmer and can't code it well and by lack of time; I don't think I can (myself) improve this version of Musescore

The only thing I can do is re-make a new version with the same modifications (because Musescore 3.0 is evolving with other people modifications and was, when I made the actual version of my shamisen test, very unstable)


That would be great anyway Jean-Christophe. I already enjoy the first version ! Thanks !


I post here the new debug version
My modifications haven't changed but since I posted it, many improves have been made on Musescore 3, which makes this version way more stable
I also post some files which can be useful with my debug version (examples I made, empty sheets….)

(To run the program: win32install→bin→MuseScore.exe)!WSpzEAwb!3_GS4uSCnFu85pTA1kPfVnsYihC9Wh9JR5udQB2auSg

Examples & templates:!SP5RUILA!nxFON5jsCgJ-TE510ES8gGcpmKAaTu3NO8ZFgTmpEHI

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