Upgrade your tone - strengthen your wrists!

Hi everyone!

Finally it's here! The video on the wrist/upper body exercises we did at the Berlin Shamicamp 2016 in June!
I know you've been waiting and I'm happy and proud to be able to finally share this with you all!

Do 3-10 repetitions on each exercise and if you do them regularly (at least once a week) I assure you that you will be able to relax more in your playing.

Use password: bachido

The sound is a little uneven, since I didn't have a microphone, but I hope you can hear most of it.

Let me know what you think!

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If one maintains the low level of playing that I have, one never feels pain.


This is really great! I can do some of these exercises when I'm at work feeling depressed because I am working instead of playing the shamisen :p

Thanks a lot Anne.


thank you !! you makes me a stronger man


Hey, I just realized something! Those wrist stretches are the nikkyo and kotegaeshi stretches we do in Aikido to prep for class! :D


No coincidence there Ian. Old knowledge is good knowledge. There's a reason a lot of the traditional arts use those moves and train with them.

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