Forming a Bachido App Team!

Calling all Bachido geeks!

Over the past 3-ish years, technologically savvy Bachido members have offered to help make a Bachido app. However, it's been very difficult to actually get something off the ground.

I just realized that just like playing shamisen alone, making an app all by yourself can be difficult and not all that inspiring. The Bachido community has a team spirit which encourages us all to keep playing and get better. Well, with this feeling in mind, I propose that we form a Bachido App Team!

Working as a team would make the process a fun group project, inspiring and encouraging each other while making something great! It's also a way to bond members together.

If you have coding skills and thinking working on a Bachido app team would be cool, voice your thoughts below! :)

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For a mobile App? That's a tough question to be perfectly honest.

Personally, I'd add a bunch of helper tools:
- Tuner
- Scale viewers
- Progressions
- Chords (when doing Reigen Fujii like stuff)
- Metronome
- Integration with
- Forums
- Schoolhouse/Lessons
- Play along stuff
- Maybe a newsletter area?

On my spare time, I've been slowly working on a new Shamisen Composer and Scale Viewer. Though I doubt anyone knows the technologies I'm using for that (Scala and ScalaJS w/ React). But a Composer wouldn't be THAT good on a mobile device imho.


Yep I think also that they are quite good for what they are.

Sort of I lost the source code of Shamisen Player though and it includes a prominent broken weblink.

Shamisen Player Pro featuring all tunings and a glossary of japanese terms is the version I can and would recommend to be checked out :)

(can be found on google play)

As it happens I am about to release another completely unrelated app where I also managed to include a drumboard with taikos and a shamisen sound in a simple game there.

Unfortunately though I hardly have the time and energy to do anything much besides the 12 hour no vacation taxi job so the overall app related progress as for learning and doing has been and is far out painfully slow.

So therefore I won't be able to help out anytime soon as for example Calvin's good suggestions or any comprehensive bachido app would include several programming aspects I am so far not at all familiar with.

Overall and that said as for me, guess the slow if any progress of a bachido app or even a concept for it could also have to do with how great the website already is.

And I am not even a fan of apps that offer what can just as well be done on a website.

So with the awesome site already there I guess generally I am also not even yearning specifically for a bachido app unless it would offer something original and cool that wouldn't work well or at all in website form.

Generally like making an app out of the whole website could just be a lot of work for sort of nothing new.

Yeah also to not write even more unhelpful in the matter paragraphs all I have more to say at this time actually and sincerely is Happy Easter :)


Yo that little app for what it is is out there now and even though off topic I managed to include some taiko and a heavy ichi no ito sound (courtesy of bachido) somewhere in there of course to spread the good vibes of the world of shamisen to some or at least a few more folks I guess ;)

Also one could actually even tune a shamisen to one of the game sounds featured in the app … ;)

Simple And Retro …

A facebook page is out there also where I occasionally post app and app topics related things thanks in advance for possibly considering a like …


Off facebook old fashioned website is

Cheers to a good and hopefully very relaxing weekend :)

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It's all happening now and that in 27 colors of merchandise too … ;) Shamisen Player Pro is still out there also as the arguably cheapest Shamisen available … ;)


Cool Stuff :)

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