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Forming a Bachido App Team!
Posted in General Discussion by Kyle A.   Last reply May 15 by Connor S.  
Video & Pictures from ShamiCamp!
Posted in General Discussion by Kyle A.   Last reply Mar 25 by Connor S.  
Upgrade your tone - strengthen your wrists!
Posted in Playing/Techniques by Anne L.   Last reply Mar 9, 2017 by Grant (Shamisensation) R.  
Acquiring skins, authentic or artificial in Japan
Posted in Construction/Repair by Alexander R.   Started 10 hours ago by Alexander R.  
Shamisen style question
Posted in Playing/Techniques by Zack C.   Last reply 2 days ago by Christopher B.  
Share your music
Posted in Share Your Music by Pete L.   Last reply 2 days ago by Aleksandar A.  
Shinobi Koma - Kobashiki
Posted in Store/Sales by Luke J.   Last reply May 23 by Pete L.  
Shamisen players in Victoria BC, Canada??
Posted in General Discussion by Aleksandar A.   Started May 22 by Aleksandar A.  
Sao and dou question
Posted in Construction/Repair by Josh S.   Last reply May 17 by Josh S.  
Not another Skins thread
Posted in Construction/Repair by Luke J.   Started May 16 by Luke J.  

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