By Kyle Abbott on May 02, 2016

ShamiCamp: California (A Look Back)

In April, 2016, around twenty shamisen enthusiasts (of varying styles and skill levels) came together in San Jose Japantown to attend the second-ever international shamisen workshop series, ShamiCamp!


Many thanks to everyone who attended ShamiCamp: California. Truly, it's your attendance and support that made this event possible!

Also, my sincere gratitude for the great instructors of ShamiCamp: California:

Aki Takahashi

Kevin Kmetz

Mike Penny

Fujii Reigen

Masahiro Nitta

Kyle Abbott (That's me!)

Pictures, Video and Memorabilia!

Enjoy this recap of ShamiCamp and look back on fond memories, and/or see what you missed!

ShamiCamp: California (2016)

Missed ShamiCamp: California (2016)? We've still got some posters left! Just think how cool you'll be with this memorobilia on your wall! Check 'em out here!


ShamiCamp: Berlin! (June 24th to 26th)


Are you a shamisen enthusiast in Europe? ShamiCamp will be coming to Berlin on June 24th! Come and see how much fun it is to play with other enthusiasts and learn from highly experienced worldly shamisen players! Check out more information here! -

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